I use the Vimwiki-Plugin a lot, but remapping <Backspace> and <CR> is just anoying. If I use :nmap, the mapping is shown:

n  <CR>              @<Plug>VimwikiFollowLink
n  <Backspace>       @<Plug>VimwikiGoBackLink

If I try to remove tha mapping with :nunmap <CR> I get an "E31: No such mapping" error. Is there a way to give <CR> and <Backspace> its's normal behaviour back?

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if you want to just disable it, you could give

:nunmap <buffer> <CR>

because it is a buffer-local mapping.


:h vimwiki_<cr>

you found:

<CR>                    Follow/create wiki link (create target wiki page if
                        Maps to |:VimwikiFollowLink|.
                        To remap: >
                        :nmap <Leader>wf <Plug>VimwikiFollowLink

if you remap that to another key, e.g. the keys in example <leader>wf, the <cr> would be reset to normal.

because in its code, vimwiki has:

if !hasmapto('<Plug>VimwikiFollowLink')
  nmap <silent><buffer> <CR> <Plug>VimwikiFollowLink

same for the <BS>

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    I would suggest something like nmap <Plug>NoVimwikiFollowLink <Plug>VimwikiFollowLink if you want to get rid of the mapping. – Peter Rincker Apr 17 '13 at 12:59

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