Is there a way in sublime text where I can find a pattern and replace it with file names.

For example, I have a bunch of file names that contain people.

I want to replace that with person.


in SideBarEnhancements there is an option to Mass Rename Selection... under Find Advanced to batch rename multiple files.


Menu: Find -> Find in Files...

Sublime is gonna open a new panel at the bottom, you just need to fill the fields. Inside the field Where, you can, for example, look up only for .txt files:

Find: People
Where: C:\Temp, *.txt
Replace: Person
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    this is for content of files, not file names
    – denfromufa
    Oct 21 '15 at 14:47

No you cannot do a find and replace on a filename. Although there is a great package called SideBarEnhancements which would benefit from this feature. I will definitely submit a feature request.

  • Install the SideBarEnhancements plugin
  • Select the folder from side bar
  • Right click and open the context menu
  • From Find Advanced -> Mass Rename Selection... you can do this.

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