var currentDialog = CKEDITOR.dialog.getCurrent();
currentDialog._.editor.insertHtml("<customTag myAttr='var'></customTag>");

Throws an error, TypeError: Cannot read property 'isBlock' of undefined

If I try .insertHtml("<span>hello</span>") it works just fine.

How can I change ckeditor to allow me to specify my own custom html tags via .insertHtml()? I'd love to just change it to be something like <span class='custom'... or something like that, but I'm having to deal with legacy CMS articles. Using latest ckeditor. Thanks.

  1. You need to modify CKEDITOR.dtd object so editor will know this tag and correctly parse HTML and process DOM:

    CKEDITOR.dtd.customtag = { em:1 };        // List of tag names it can contain.
    CKEDITOR.dtd.$block.customtag = 1;        // Choose $block or $inline.
    CKEDITOR.dtd.body.customtag = 1;          // Body may contain customtag.
  2. You need to allow for this tag and its styles/attrs/classes in Advanced Content Filter:

    editor.filter.allow( 'customtag[myattr]', 'myfeature' );

Unfortunately, due to some caching, in certain situations you cannot modify DTD object after CKEditor is loaded - you need to modify it when it is created. So to do that:

  1. Clone the CKEditor repository or CKEditor presets repository.

  2. Modify core/dtd.js code.

  3. And build your minified package following instructions in README.md - the only requirements are Java (sorry - Google Closure Compiler :P) and Bash.

PS. That error should not be thrown when unknown element is inserted, so I reported http://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/10339 and to solve this inconvenience http://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/10340.

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I worked around this issue with a combination of createFromHtml() and insertElement()

CKEDITOR.replace('summary', { ... });

var editor = CKEDITOR.instances.summary; 
editor.on('key', function(ev) {
    if (ev.data.keyCode == 9) { // TAB
        var tabHtml = '<span style="white-space:pre">&#09;</span>';
        var tabElement = CKEDITOR.dom.element.createFromHtml(tabHtml, editor.document);
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