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I'm trying to match a certain string of the url using preg_match but I need to match either one or the other string and I can't find the correct syntax.

What I'm using now is:

$is_url_en = preg_match ("/\b95\b/i", $iframeurl);

This searches for the number "95" in the url. However I also want to match "en" as well but I don't know how to use the 'or' delimiter. I've seen somewhere the following:

$is_url_en = preg_match ("/\b95\b/i|/\ben\b/i", $iframeurl);

...but it doesn't work. Any hints please?

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Don't repeat the / and /i. Those delimit the regex so they should only be there once.

$is_url_en = preg_match ("/\b95\b|\ben\b/i", $iframeurl);

You could then simplify this to:

$is_url_en = preg_match ("/\b(95|en)\b/i", $iframeurl);
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DUH! now I feel stupid! Thank you sir... – otinanai Apr 17 '13 at 23:31

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