In Maple, taylor(exp(x),x,2); returns 1+x+O(x2). How can I automatically convert this result to the same expression with the O(x2) terms removed? I.e. something like removeBigO(taylor(exp(x),x,2)); to return 1+x?"

P := taylor(exp(x),x,2);

convert(P, polynom);

That conversion has its own help-page.

Note also that the help page for taylor,details has such a conversion as its last example. And the help page for taylor mentions that conversion of a Taylor series result to a polynomial is described on that details page.

  • I looked through the convert help-page but somehow I missed it (on the convert help page, the convert/polynom example is still there, but further down than on the page you linked). Thanks! – Douglas B. Staple Apr 18 '13 at 11:27

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