I have a problem with the inter-portlet-communication in Liferay. Two portlets are communicating through Events.


<supported-publishing-event xmlns:x='http://liferay.com'>


<supported-processing-event xmlns:x='http://liferay.com'>


<event-definition xmlns:x='http://liferay.com'>


<a onclick="selectedEntry('${aufgabe.aufgabenName}', '${aufgabe.aufgabenID}');"> 
  ${aufgabe.aufgabenName} </a><br/>

The onclick-event calls a ProcessAction-method via ajax call.

function selectedEntry(name, id){
    console.log("in click");
     var url = '<portlet:actionURL name="open"/>';
           type: "POST",
           url: url,
           data: {"name": name, "ID": id},
           dataType: "json",
           success: function(){
               console.log("in success");


And the ProcessAction-method setting a Event for Commincation.

QName qName = new QName("http://liferay.com", "aufgabeInfo", "x");
actionResponse.setEvent(qName, jsonString);

So the Listener-Portlet receives this event in the ProcessEvent-method.

Event event = request.getEvent();
String jsonString = (String) event.getValue();

My Problem is that i need the jsonString in javascript. With an onclick-Event it doesn't refresh the whole page, but the communication works. With an button it refresh the whole page, but the communication doesn't works.

Any idea?


The first version of the portlet specification, JSR-168/portlet1.0, did not include any support for Inter Portlet Communication. The second version, JSR-286/ portlet2.0, which is supported for IPC Mechanism. IPC is made easy with JSR-286 to share the data between two portlets. Using IPC mechanisms, we can share the data from ACTION to VIEW phase and VIEW-VIEW Phase.

For step-by step guideline for creating portlet in Liferay, you can read here

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