I'm finding some problems uploading a VertexBuffer to the context.

This buffer is ~200000 items long and it takes about +15 seconds, apparently the player has some difficulties uploading it to the context.

Does anyone experienced this? Any solution?

I'm trying to upload the vector in chunks with no success (for now... )


Apparently the problem is not the upload, but somewhere else. The data is creating from javascript since is a customized ThreeJS fallback. It works great for small scenes but it slows down exponentially for bigger projects. Right now I am also investigating ExternalInterface communication speed.



Uploading with ByteArray is faster, btw it changed quite a lot from player to player. there is a test between ByteArray and Vector http://jacksondunstan.com/articles/1617 try this with your GPU. and also you can do this with async flag or from separate thread

  • Hi Sergey, Yeah, the last comments on that post are mine. And yes apparently it's not the vector upload, Im sending the information via externalinterface since it's a JS engine. I'm trying to find where the problem is, but sometimes the execution is stop for 15 sec. I will update my question. – Mc- Apr 29 '13 at 8:41

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