Is there a CSS editor which automatically expands one-line declarations as multi-line declarations on focus ? To clarify my thought, see example below:

Original CSS:

div#main { color: orange; margin: 1em 0; border: 1px solid black; }

But when focusing on it, editor automatically expands it to:

div#main { 
  color: orange; 
  margin: 1em 0; 
  border: 1px solid black; 

And when it looses focus, editor again it automatically compresses it to one-line declaration.


  • I've never heard of that but that's a good thing to suggest to IDE developers Oct 2, 2008 at 6:26

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If you are using Visual Studio you should be able to do a close approximation of this:

  1. You can change how CSS is formatted via the Tools -> Options menu.
  2. Check 'Show all settings' if it is unchecked.
  3. Go to Text Editor -> CSS -> Format and pick the semi-expanded option
  4. Ok you changes.
  5. Then ctrl+A, ctrl+K, ctrl+D should re-format your document
  6. When you are finished editing just go back to the options and pick the compact CSS format then ctrl+A,ctrl+K,ctrl+D to re-format again.

Hope this helps.


I've not heard of one. If you're on a Mac I can definitely recommend CSSEdit. It does auto-formatting very nicely, amoungst other things.

EDIT: I originally said "though as the comment says it's a great idea" but, thinking about it, is that what you really want? I can see that it would be good to have expansion/contraction onClick (in which case TextMate - again Mac - though CSS suport isn't as good as CSSEdit), but onFocus?


Sorry. I don't know of any IDEs that explicitly do that.

But, there are quite a few external options:


da5id, I actually don't care about implementation details (onclick or onhover, though onclick seems better when you say it ;), I'm just curious if there are any editors which supports this kind of feature in any way.

PS. I'm not on Mac but Windows.


Its not exactly what you want but try the windows port of textmate E Text Editor, for on click folding of css rules, auto formating and most other textmate functionality.


You can do that with the scripting language of your favorite editor.

For example in SciTE:

function ExpandContractCSS()
  local ext = string.lower(props["FileExt"])
  if ext ~= "css" then return end
  local line = GetCurrentLine()
  local newForm
  if string.find(line, "}") then
    -- On one line
    newForm = string.gsub(line, "; *", ";\r\n  ")
    newForm = string.gsub(newForm, "{ *", "{\r\n  ")
    newForm = string.gsub(newForm, " *}", "}")
    -- To contract
    -- Well, just use Ctrl+Z!
    -- Maybe not, code to come if interest
  if newForm ~= nil then

GetCurrentLine and ReplaceCurrentLine are just convenience functions from my collection, I can give them (and do the contraction part) if you are interested.


It's a good question. I'd love to see this in a CSS editor. TopStyle does this, but it isn't automatic; you have you use a hotkey.

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