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Am trying to capture a element (delete button in gmail) which has variable xpath.

The xpath is something like this-


can somebody kindly help?

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No, this is where the IDE falls behind and it's for good reason. It, along with other 'XPath-ified' (e.g using the 'XPath' right-click option in Firebug) tools will only take a guess at where something is located in the DOM.

In that, I mean it's going to walk down the tree and see where it is, in relation to the other elements, i.e it'll walk down one set of tr elements, and know there are 7 of them, therefore it'll know that the first one can be accessed using [1], then the next one can be accessed using [2] etc etc...

It doesn't, or really can't, know what is unique enough for you to use. That's why it's down to you to figure it out.

As for Gmail specifically, I would suggest you either fall back to Gmail's basic mode - so the markup will be easier to deal with or stop completely and use a particular set of API's in whatever language you are using to deal direct with the mailboxes in that account.

Though, if you do this, you'll need to dump the IDE altogether - essentially this is beyond the IDE and is a logical thing you need to decide yourself. The IDE is not designed for this.

Though, a tip would be see what's near the delete button. Is there a static element, that has the same attributes all the time, near it? You can get that element, and walk through to the DOM to your 'delete button'.

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