I have the following code:

<h:outputText value="#{bean.shortDescription}" escape="false" />

The result is:

<p><b>Location. </b> <br /> a

The string from #{bean.shortDescription} is being taken from an XML response that is escaped:

&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location. &lt;/b&gt; &lt;br /&gt; a

If I make the same output text as above, but instead of taking the response from the XML, I just put the escaped string that comes from the response, e.g.:

<h:outputText value="&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location. &lt;/b&gt; &lt;br /&gt; a" escape="false" />

Then the result is:


How can I properly render the HTML tags I get from the XML? I do not want to escape them.


It's because your text is already escaped. The escape="false" doesn't unescape text. It just prints the text as-is instead of escaping it. However, as your text is already escaped from beginning on, it appears in escaped form. Remove the escape="false" and you'll see that it will be double-escaped. I.e. every & becomes &amp;.

You need to unescape it beforehand. The Apache Commons Lang StringEscapeUtils may come handy.

String unescapedShortDescription = StringEscapeUtils.unescapeXml(shortDescription);

Then, you can use <h:outputText escape="false"> to print it as-is.

  • Had a bit of a trouble setting up import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringEscapeUtils;, but it works none-the-less. Thank you dear sir ! – Timu Apr 19 '13 at 17:05

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