I was wondering if it's possible to dynamically access a static class from within a class property. I'm trying to access the properties in a nchild class, but I'm having to do something like this:

$error = $this->errorClass;
$error::myMethod ();

What I really want to do is this:

$this->errorClass::myMethod ();

I keep getting PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '::' If this isn't possible, does anybody know of a somewhat similar way to do things that doesn't involve repeating myself for every class/method? Thanks for your time!


Please explain to the parser what you want? $temp = errorClass::myMethod(); $this->$temp; or $temp = $this->errorClass; $temp::myMethod();.

Because of such problems this is impossible.

The shortest you can use (1 single statement...) is:


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