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My app (written using MvvmCross and with MVVM pattern in mind) needs to display popup windows where user can choose of confirm certain options. So basically it's a classic modal dialog, but since the app's view model is implemented in a portable class library, it needs to tackle modality in a generalized sense - some platforms simply don't have exact match for a modal dialog.

There are a few threads discussing dialogs in MVVM (Open dialog in WPF MVVM, WPF MVVM dialog example). Following their advices I could probably solve this by introducing DialogService and implementing it for each platform. However I will be treating then dialogs like other services - storage service, map service etc.. But a dialog is a part of the presentation concept, so I wonder if it can be treated more like a view, so instead of calling an instance of an obscure IDialogService I could navigate to it using an MVVM framework of my choice (MvvmCross in my case).

I checked MvvmCross implementation and samples but found almost no dialog-related stuff.

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Within MvvmCross, the presenter is responsible for how Views/ViewModels are shown when using ShowViewModel.

This presenter is a view/UI level object - it's ultimately the UIs job to decide if a view should be shown as a page, as a control, in a tab, in a split-view, as a dialog, etc.

v3 does introduce a presentation hint that the ViewModel can help suggest how the View should be shown - but it's up to the presenter on each platform to determine how (if) to use this hint.

Alternatively, Dialogs/flyouts/etc can easily be shown using MvxMessenger messages from ViewModel to View with a little bit of code behind.

For 'modality', also consider Greg's post on 'returning results' - see

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I see. I looked at IMvxMessenger, it has a clear pub/sub shape, so I wonder if this is correct to use it to implement "edit details" functionality. Even if it fits technically, is it correct design-wise? Coming back to presenter, I assume I will need to register a custom implementation of IMvxViewDispatcher that will do the presenter's job. But I will need to plug it somewhere in so it will fire a dialog. Are there any samples with similar functionality? (and of course thank you for a quick response, as usual). – Vagif Abilov Apr 21 '13 at 10:10
I don't look for 'design-wise' perfection - I look for something that works, then refactor it towards something clean, reusable, beautiful. Greg's post is nice for 'edit details' functionality. Also check out custom presenters in:…,…,… - they all build customised architecture in the UI app – Stuart Apr 21 '13 at 10:16
The Touch platform also includes a built-in modal presenter using a marker-interface based hint - see… – Stuart Apr 21 '13 at 10:18
Thanks Stuart. I am also not looking for design perfection, but it helps get orientated about acceptable paths to avoid getting lost in code mess. The links you gave me seems to help a lot to understand how to quickly come with working and maintainable solution. Thanks again! – Vagif Abilov Apr 21 '13 at 10:24

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