I am developing a widget on iphone. I want to resize height of widget. I changed it as follows. but I didnt find a refresh mechanism. It works after reopen NC panel.

-(void) updateView {
    CGRect widgetRect = _view.frame;
    widgetRect.size.height = widgetHeight;
    _view.frame = widgetRect;

Do you have any idea? Regards, Bliss


-- this should do it for you.

[myView setNeedsDisplay] 

See this link:What is the most robust way to force a UIView to redraw?

  • I tried this before. Widget's height doesnt change. Notification Center controller doesnt take last _view and doesnt refresh widget's height. I need a trick to get last _views to all widgets or mine.
    – Bliss
    Apr 22 '13 at 11:05
  • What do you mean "last" views? Are all the views on the page or are you deallocting them? If you don't deallocate them they should be accessible at all times. Apr 22 '13 at 13:47

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