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When the slide gets to the second "1", I need it to seamlessly reset to slide "2" and give the impression of infinite carousel,

The demo:

The code:

$('.wrapper li:first').clone().appendTo($('.wrapper ul'));
var element = $('.wrapper')[0];
element.setAttribute('data-left', 0);
setInterval(function() {
    var mL = +element.getAttribute('data-left'), t = +$('.wrapper').css('width').replace('px', ''), w = +$('.wrapper li:first').outerWidth();
    if(t == (Math.abs(mL) + w)){ = "none"; = "none";
        element.setAttribute('data-left', 0);
    } = "0.3s"; = "ease-out";
    var currentL = +element.getAttribute('data-left');
    var newL = +(currentL + w); = "translate3d(-" + (newL) + "px, 0, 0)";
    element.setAttribute('data-left', newL);
}, 2000);

The problem:

After slide "1", it animates back to slide "2", so I need it not to, but to snap back to slide "2" (not visual to the user),

Any ideas?

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Move the animation to a separate class. Since you're already using jQuery, you can use the following:

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He doesn't want jQuery. – Daryl Ginn Apr 21 '13 at 20:16
@DarylGinn He's already using $('.wrapper li:first'), which is jQuery. – Mooseman Apr 21 '13 at 20:17
@Mooseman I think what Daryl is trying to say, is that I don't think the solution requires jQuery, but is a CSS transition property/value problem – benhowdle89 Apr 21 '13 at 20:19

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