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I have installed Redmine 2.2.2 stable from Bitnami AWS EC2 instance. It work nice but i don't know how to make Redmine emails notifications use my AWS SES SMTP sender.

My FQDN ( is verified by AWS SES as a Verified Sender.

I've configured my Redmine config/configuration.yml file like :

# ==== SMTP server over AWS SES
    delivery_method: :smtp
      enable_starttls_auto: true
      port: 25
      authentication: :login
      user_name: smtp_access_key
      password: smtp_secret_key
      openssl_verify_mode: 0

NB : Doesn't work even if i remove : openssl_verify_mode: 0

But when i try to send a "test email" from "Email notification", i have an error :

An error occurred while sending mail (hostname does not match the server certificate)

What "sever certificat" mean here ?

My Redmine instance never send any email...

Is it necessary to install and configure postfix that relay to AWS SES on my server ?

Any idea ?


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In fact, you need to configure the prod and dev environnement in bottom of the config/configuration.yml file :


   ... (same config as prod for me)

and copy paste my config.

On my AWS SES account i need to verify my domain.

And now it's work ! :-)

I hope this will help someone.

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