I'm writing a Capybara spec and trying to detect whether something is visible or not. The following spec is passing and it shouldn't be, because #packages is display: none.

  it "should navigate through marketing successfully" do
    visit root_path
    click_link 'Learn More'
    page.should have_content 'We are the perfect match'
    click_link 'Packages'
    page.should have_selector('#packages', visible: true)

If you are implementing the show/hide functionality using javascript or jQuery it's not going to be picked up by Capybara/RSpec because it's not necessarily running a full browser.

The Capybara docs go some way to explaining how to test methods that require JavaScript here .. https://github.com/jnicklas/capybara

Hope this helps

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    Yeah, I'm not using JS to do that. I have other tests using JS, but this one (I think) doesn't need it because it's hidden on page load. – jake Apr 22 '13 at 15:31

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