I am using Morphia (0.99) for mapping POJO to MongoDB (2.0.6). Now I want to return a collection / list as a JSON struct from my data-store with including IDs for each object to be sent with jQuery to the browser client.

I retrieve the POJO list from the data-store and then convert each object to a DBObject MongoDB object. This works fine except that the id of the object is not included in the print-out of the object. This could be due to the the ID is inherited from the Class A. The POJO B has a lot of property members, so one idea was to make a simple proxy POJO and then Serialize.

How can I make a JSON struct from the list of DBObject(with Morphia or MongoDB driver) and how can I include the id for each element in the struct?

PS. I've bean looking at the BasicBSONList MongoDB driver object or using the GSON (Google) lib, but I am lacking the pattern for how to do this.

POJO Classes

Class A {
    private ObjectId id;

Class B extends A {

    public ObjectId getId() {
        return super.getId();

    public void setId(ObjectId id) {

Morphia /MongoDB Query

List<B> bList = bQry.asList();        
List<DBObject> dbObjList = Util.mapObjectToStringList((List<Object>)(List<?>)bList);

public static List<DBObject> mapObjectToStringList(List<Object> objList) {
    List<DBObject> dbObjectList = new ArrayList<DBObject>();
    Mapper mapper = morph.getMapper();        
    for(Object obj : objList) {
        DBObject dbObj = mapper.toDBObject(obj);
        Util.debug("Result as DB Object: " +dbObj.toString());
    return dbObjectList;
  • I'm looking for a 'clean' answer to this as well. – Ankur May 5 '13 at 21:31
  • Good, hope someone has a solution. What version of Morphia are you using @Ankur ? – Chris May 6 '13 at 9:03
  • If you are storing data as JSON in mongodb, why convert to a Java object (DBObject) and convert back to JSON before sending to client ? Why not retrieve JSON from mongodb and send it directly to client ? – 2020 May 22 '13 at 0:40
  • @brainOverflow That is what I thought was easy. Morphia is hiding the MongoDB BSON and Java object DBObject (binary representation of JSON) handling. I get Exceptions when trying to get the DBObject representation of my POJO objects. All my MongoDB query's are through Morphia to keep the code clean. – Chris May 22 '13 at 9:30

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