Say I have created fiddle A and in my new fiddle B, I want to include classes from fiddle A. Instead of using copy&paste inclusion, I would rather refer to fiddle A.

Is it somehow possible to include code from another fiddle?

[edit] I am considering the javascript part

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  • Fork it............................. – kiranvj Apr 23 '13 at 6:13
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    This question is not too broad. It's pretty specific, in fact, and the asker should accept Samuel Liew's answer. The question title might be better phrased as "How can I create a reference to one jsfiddle from another?", though he says as much in the body of the question. – Faust Nov 2 '14 at 21:13
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    It looks like switching to CodePen could get you what you want (I haven't tried it myself): blog.codepen.io/2013/05/28/… – Faust Nov 2 '14 at 21:26

Unfortunately, you cannot include a fiddle in another fiddle. This is due to the fact that JSfiddle prints out the script content directly into the generated document. The only option for external use is via embedding.

The right way would be to fork a new fiddle if you wanted to create a new project based on previous work.

Otherwise you could host your shared code on your site/CDN, and include it in the external resources panel.

  • But forking will not allow me to maintain the classes in fiddle A in a centralized manner. I am looking for a way that allows me to let fiddle A evolve and at the same time be included into other fiddles. – Christian Madsen Apr 23 '13 at 6:16
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    JS Fiddle is provided for quick tests/demos, not for things that are actually maintained. – Quentin Apr 23 '13 at 6:17

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