Firebug is giving the error:

TypeError: $(...) is null
$('#menu img').hover(

I have no idea why. The seemingly problematic script is this which replaces an image when the cursor hovers over an image:

    var storeNormalPath;
    $('#menu img').hover(
            storeNormalPath = $(this).attr('src');
            var imgArray = $(this).attr('src').split('.jpg');
            $(this).attr('src', imgArray[0]+'Hover.jpg');
            $(this).attr('src', storeNormalPath);
        ).click (function()
            //empty now
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After some looking over your page using chrome's console, it looks that even $(document) is returning null. jQuery(document) however, works, which suggests there is something in conflict with jQuery's $ operator.

(Source: I would direct you to this question: $.document is null)

Seeing that you have both jquery-1.5.1.min.js AND jquery.1.4.2.js referenced in your page header, perhaps that could be the reason of the conflict? Have you tried loading only one of them?

Let us know if that helps, sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck!

  • Just removed both of them and using 1.9.1. Same error occurs. This is the only jquery file and it's called first before any jquery.
    – Joshua
    Apr 23 '13 at 16:29
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    well, replacing all $(element) jQuery(element) should work, but ideally one would find the origin of the conflict. I took a final look at your scripts, and perhaps in calscript.js first function "function $(element)" lies the culprit? have you tried commenting out that function? Of course that is only if you want to use jQuery $(element) shorthand notation. source: stackoverflow.com/questions/1058463/…
    – dayala
    Apr 23 '13 at 17:00

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