I have this table:


    VendorID            NUMERIC(10)     NOT NULL,
    VendorName          CHAR(50)        NOT NULL,
    VendorAddress       VARCHAR(30)     NULL,
    VendorCityName      VARCHAR(20)     NOT NULL,
    VendorStateName     CHAR(2)         NOT NULL,
    VendorZip           VARCHAR(10)     NULL,
    VendorContactName   CHAR(50)        NOT NULL,
    VendorContactPhone  VARCHAR(12)     NOT NULL,
    VendorContactEmail  VARCHAR(20)     NOT NULL,
    VendorSpecialty     CHAR(20)        NOT NULL

    CONSTRAINT VendorsPK        PRIMARY KEY (VendorID)      

And this insert:

INSERT INTO Vendors(VendorID, VendorName, VendorAddress, 
  VendorCityName, VendorStateName, VendorZip, VendorContactName, 
  VendorContactPhone, VendorContactEmail, VendorSpecialty)
VALUES(151330, 'Hyperion', '77 West 66th Street', 'New York', 
  'NY', 10023, 'John Hinks', '212-337-6564', 
  'jhinks@hyperionbooks.com', 'Popular fiction')

Why does this statement yield the 8152 error?

  • @zhrist I see what you did there... did there... did there... – Tjorriemorrie Sep 26 '16 at 0:00

VendorContactEmail is only 20 bytes. Your e-mail address on the first line (jhinks@hyperionbooks.com) is longer than that - 24 bytes. And many e-mail addresses will be longer. Who decided to only allow 20 characters in the e-mail address column? According to the standard, this should be VARCHAR(320) - 64 characters for localpart + 1 for @ + 255 for domain.

Force Operation that Results in Truncation to Execute Anyway

-- Your operation TSQL here.


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