I am a C# newbie trying to implement SignalR in my Xamarin IOS app.

My code is quite simple:

 _connection = new Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Client.Hubs.HubConnection (Common.signalRAddress);

feedHub = _connection.CreateHubProxy ("feedHub");

_connection.Received += data =>  { OnReceiveData (data); };

_connection.Start ();   

my question is how can I remove my delegate? Is it enough to write?

_connection.Received -= data =>  { OnReceiveData (data); };

Any help would be really appreciated.


I might be wrong, but if you do that it won't actually unsubscribe the event.

It didn't in a little test app I wrote anyways.

Instead create a function such as

void Connection_Recieved(string obj)

and do connection.Recieved += Connection_Recieved; and connection.Recieved -= Connection_Recieved;

I don't think anonymous event functions are the way to go here :)

I am assuming, looking at your code sample you could just do,

   connection.Recieved += OnReceiveData;
   connection.Recieved -= OnReceiveData;

You're using a hub, why not use the built in on/off for method invocations?


var doSomething = feeHub.On<int>("doSomething", val => {
    // Do something with int val

Then to remove it you can do:


If you truly want to listen to ALL data that flows through the hub then using Received is the correct approach and @Dracanus' answer will work.

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