I would like to allow the logged user to edit MediaWiki/Common.css without adding them to the sysop group.

I understand that this will allow user to change it to harful ways but it is a closed wiki so that is not a problem.

Any solution is acceptable even changing php code :)


Create a new group, add give it "editinterface" privilege. In LocalSettings.php it's done like this:

$wgGroupPermissions['mynewgroup']['editinterface'] = true;

Then add the user to you new group.

Or if you want to give that right to all logged-in users, do it like this:

$wgGroupPermissions['user']['editinterface'] = true;
// user is the default group for all logged-in users

For details see MediaWiki manual.


Probably safer to use;

$wgAllowUserCss = true;

See Mediawiki Manual for the complete details.

"When enabled, users are able to make personalised customisations over and above the normal choice of skins within the 'preferences' display."

A similar setting is available for Javascript.

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