I have an input field that I am trying to add custom validation to (required depending on another field). If I put required AND funcCall() I can see that two errors are returned. If I only put the funcCall nothing is returned. I know it's getting in the function and the condition because I did a console.log() but for some reason it seems like it needs an initial rule to fail to show the error.


<input type="text" class="validate[funcCall[validatePassportRequired]]" id="form_register_passport_number" value="" name="passport_number" size="50">


function validatePassportRequired(field, rules, i, options) {
  if ($('#register_for').val()!='Local') {
    return options.allrules.required.alertText;

So If I change the Call to:

class="validate[required, funcCall[validatePassportRequired]]"  

I get two * This field is required

Do I have to have another validation rule along with the funcCall?

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just add the following line before returning the error message and instead of required in returning message put the function name before .alertText.


@sunzyflower in your case your function would see like this..

function validatePassportRequired(field, rules, i, options) {
   if ($('#register_for').val()!='Local') {
   return options.allrules.validatePassportRequired.alertText;
  • Thank you so much! It actually started giving me double message with this so I took out the return and left just the rules.push('required') and that worked perfectly! May 5, 2013 at 0:14
  • Hi @sunzyflower I know this is old thread, it helps me a lot with legacy project, may I know how you handle custom errormsg text?
    – Yosep G
    Mar 10 at 11:25



instead of


This will add required internally without having a double message.

If you want more information about the (old) issue :

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