Hello Android Enthusiasts,

I am in a funny situation which, it seems, I am stuck in. I have been developing simple Android apps on Eclipse and running on the emulator just fine. But recently my attempt to install and run them on a real device (Samsung Galaxy Y) failed again and again.

I stopped the emulator and plugged my real device to the computer with a USB cable. As soon as I did that, I would see the "Installing device driver software" notification and it would complain that the driver for the Abstract Control Model, ACM, was missing.

A few times I ignored the notification and tried to launch an app on my phone. But Eclipse would simply ignore my read device, start the emulator, and run the app on it instead.

I know it is not an Eclipse issue. But how do I get around this USB issue which seems a common problem on Samsung devices based on comments left by many on various sites?



you need to install the appropriate USB driver for your android device Go through this link first Setting up a Device for Development and Installing a USB Driver

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    Wow! Thanks, Shiv. It works now. I visited the links you provided and read pages. The thing I needed to do came down to the matter of installing the Samsung Kies software. I do not need to use the software itself but the advantage of installing on a computer is that it automatically installs device drivers that may include the ones missing on your computer. So, after having installed Kies, I plugged my Samsung phone to my laptop with a USB cable and this time there was no complaint about missing drivers. My simple app was installed on my Samsung phone. Thanks, again! – softwarelover Apr 24 '13 at 8:49
  • Welcome @softwarelover glad i could help you :) – Shiv Apr 24 '13 at 9:00

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