I have a long R script that throws some warnings, which I can ignore. I could use


for single statements. But how can I suppress warnings in R globally? Is there an option for this?


You could use


But note that turning off warning messages globally might not be a good idea.

To turn warnings back on, use


(or whatever your default is for warn, see this answer)

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    This works, but the approach of Francesco Napolitano from Sept. 22, 2015, is the safer and more globally-applicable method. – Andy Clifton Oct 23 '15 at 18:13
  • I agree with @Andy, and his answer should be marked as the accepted one. – JASC Feb 1 at 1:56

You want options(warn=-1). However, note that warn=0 is not the safest warning level and it should not be assumed as the current one, particularly within scripts or functions. Thus the safest way to temporary turn off warnings is:

oldw <- getOption("warn")
options(warn = -1)

[your "silenced" code]

options(warn = oldw)

I have replaced the printf calls with calls to warning in the C-code now. It will be effective in the version 2.17.2 which should be available tomorrow night. Then you should be able to avoid the warnings with suppressWarnings() or any of the other above mentioned methods.

suppressWarnings({ your code })
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    this is the correct way to do it. Should be marked as the answer. – Denis Mar 8 at 18:36

Have a look at ?options and use warn:

options( warn = -1 )

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