I'm using a LINQ to SQL class to define a query, and then calling the ToList() method, which executes the query. The ToList() call is wrapped in a 'using TransactionScope' block to achieve the 'NOLOCK' hint. The query is read-only, so I'm not sure if the call to TransactionScope.Complete() is necessary in this case. Here is the example I followed, which does not make this call: Getting LINQ to SQL and Entities to use NOLOCK


I'm thinking no. Complete() in C# is the same as calling Commit in SQL, but since this is a select statement there is nothing to commit. Any other residual constructs resulting from the TransactionScope will be disposed of at the end of the using { } block so I don't think Complete() is necessary in your case.

  • That's the confirmation I was looking for. Thank you – egelvin Apr 24 '13 at 18:36

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