I've tried endlessly to get pycairo to work on Windows, but version 1.8.8 won't install. Is there something comparable out there that actually works on Windows?


Have you tried the easy to use PyCairo Installers for Windows created by the PyGTK team?

In addition to the installer you will need libcairo-2.dll libpng12.dll and zlib1.dll and put them in the PATH. You can get them from the gtk win32 boundle.

  • Indeed, I've used PyCairo and other PyGTK libraries for several Python projects on Windows, and they work great... It just takes a little elbow grease to get them set up first. – ewall Nov 5 '09 at 2:48
  • Just some updated links (2014 Sep 5): I used the "gtk+-bundle" archive, (specifically this), and extracted the required libraries from the bin directory. At this point, libpng was bumped to libpng14-14.dll, but that worked fine with version 1.8.10 of the PyCairo installer. – brianmearns Sep 5 '14 at 14:55

maybe pySVG is something for you?!

  • Isn't this limited to creating SVG documents? I don't believe it renders to screen unless you take care of that through some other library? – Leeks and Leaks Oct 31 '09 at 1:46

pyAmanith, a python wrapper for the commercial Amanith implementation of the OpenVG spec, might be what you're looking for. I don't know how mature the python wrapper is, but Amanith is pretty mature from what I've heard.

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