I can't load modules that are in same folder in CoqIde.

I'm trying to load sources from Software Foundations, I'm running coqide in folder that contains SF sources with coqide or coqide ./, then after opening and running the file, I'm getting this error:

Error: Cannot find library Poly in loadpath

in this line:

Require Export Poly.

and it's same for every other require commands.

So how are you people loading programs from SF into coqide ?


You need to compile the .v files into .vo files and add their directory to your load path if you're going to require them. To compile them, run coqc <file-path> in the command prompt. To add the files' directory to your load path in CoqIde, you can insert the line Add LoadPath "<directory-path>". at the beginning of the .v files.


I realize this is an old thread, however there are not many resources on this problem. I just spent some time solving it so I figured it would be good to post it on the first topic I got from googling. I'm using Coq 8.4p16 compiled with no additional configuration on Arch Linux.

So, the manual says variables like $COQPATH, ${XDG_DATA_DIRS}/coq/ and ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/coq/ are checked, however I've had no luck with those.

I also tried putting coqc -I /folder/path the Edit->Preferences->Externals of CoqIde, however, still no luck there.

I write these as they may work for someone.

The only GLOBAL way which works for me is writing a coqrc file with Add LoadPath "<directory-path>". in it. On Linux the file needs to be in the home folder.

Hope this saves someone some time.

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    This works if you are using coqIDE (command line always works). I wish coqIDE would automatically add current PWD to the load path but it's not. – Negative Zero Sep 19 '16 at 16:28
  • It seems there might be a way to get this to work using _CoqProject, but I'm not sure how: coq-club.inria.narkive.com/q5jGTrgk/… – Blaisorblade Oct 19 '16 at 14:59
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    The same for me: the only way coqc cli toolworks is using coqrc file, but I'm under x64 win7 for coq 8.6 December 2016. – valaxy Feb 8 '17 at 6:47

To be able to load a source file in coqtop, coqc, CoqIDE, or Proof General there are several ways, one method is as follows:

Suppose you have downloaded code files for the book titled Certified Programming with Dependent Types written by Adam Chlipala that are available here and extract them in a path we call CODEHOME. As you can see there are this first line in any source files Require Import Bool Arith List Cpdt.CpdtTactics.

First type coqc -v in a cli (command line interface), the output would be something like The Coq Proof Assistant, version 8.4pl4 ...., then create a file named coqrc.8.4pl4, the file extension should be in accord with the version of the coq you are using, in $HOME/.config/coq directory if it does not exist and write this line in it Add LoadPath "CODEHOME/cpdt/src" as Cpdt . and that's it.


If you started your file.v with Module file. just get rid of it (Also get rid of the End file.) and your problem is solved.

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