I have a Bash parent script that on unexpected input calls an error logging child script that logs the error. I also want the execution to halt when the error occurs and the error script is called. But if I call exit from the error handling script it does not stop the parent script from executing. How may I go about stopping a parent script from a child?

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#normal flow
[[ $(check_error_condition) ]] && /some/error_reporter.sh || exit 1


  • when the error_reporter will exit with exit status > 0 the parent will terminate too
  • if the error_reporter will exit with status = 0 the parent continues...

You don't want stop the parent from a child (the parents usually don't like this behavior) :), you instead want tell to parent - need stop and he will stop itself (if want) ;)

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    I believe your test lacks a closing parenthesis.
    – bleistift2
    Apr 5, 2020 at 14:23
  • @bleistift2 corrected after 7 years... :) :) Thanx. :)
    – clt60
    Apr 7, 2020 at 18:05
  • This is very confusingly worded... I would first describe that you have to do this in parent instead, and then describe the implementation. Mar 10 at 13:28


In parent script:

trap "echo exitting because my child killed me.>&2;exit" SIGUSR1

In child script:

kill -SIGUSR1 `ps --pid $$ -oppid=`; exit

Other way was:

In child script:

kill -9 `ps --pid $$ -oppid=`; exit

But, it is not recommended, because the parent needs to have some information about getting killed & thus do some cleanup if required.

Another way: Instead of calling the child script, exec it.

However, as pointed out in other answer, the cleanest way is to exit from parent, after the child returns.

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    It starts here look like in horror - the child kill the parent... :) :) (but yes, it IS a solution too) :) :)
    – clt60
    Apr 25, 2013 at 13:12
  • ^^ Yups.... I once had a requirement like this: command1 | (command 2; command3) & command3 was supposed to kill command1 with SIGINT :-)
    – anishsane
    Apr 25, 2013 at 13:17

Don't try to terminate the parent from the child. Instead call exit in the parent after the child script returned.

if [ condition ]; then
  exit 1

or shorter

[ condition ] && { /path/to/child.sh; exit 1; }

Extension to @anishsane comment because MacOS has little bit different ps syntax.

Finding parent process ID (ppid) in child script under Mac OS (Darwin):

kill -SIGUSR1 $(ps $$ -o ppid=);exit


Depending on your needs, using set -e at the top of your script might be a good solution. This will automatically cause the script to exit if any commands (e.g., your error checking script) exit with a non-zero exit code (https://vaneyckt.io/posts/safer_bash_scripts_with_set_euxo_pipefail/)

Note that there are some common commands that have non zero exit codes under normal circumstance.

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