How to get distinct values out of a collection with where condition?

For Example, I have Worker class, which contains status and workerId along with other fields, Here i want to retrieve distinct workerId's which has status="ACTIVE";

I have made enough googling but could not find any solution

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance!


Sorry guys i didn't put my question properly. I want this to be done using morphia not by using mongodb native query.

Can this be done using MapReduce? Help me out please!


Sorry for the delay in posting,

BasicDBObject dbObject=new BasicDBObject();

this dbObject will act as a where condition,

DBCollection dBCollection = datastore.getCollection(MyEntity.class);
List id=dBCollection.distinct("id",dbObject);

This ID list will contains all distinct ID's whose status="ACTIVE"


distinct is supported as a command instead of a query (not sure why). Try the below

db.runCommand ( 
        distinct: 'name-of-collection',
        key: 'worker-id',
        query: { 'status': 'ACTIVE' }

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