I need to overwrite the Delayed::Worker.max_attempts for one specific job, which I want to retry a lot of times. Also, I don't want the next scheduled time to be determined exponentially (From the docs: 5 seconds + N ** 4, where N is the number of retries).

I don't want to overwrite the Delayed::Worker settings, and affect other jobs.

My job is already a custom job (I handle errors in a certain way), so that might be helpful. Any pointers on how to do this?

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I figured it out by looking through delayed_job source code. This is not documented anywhere in their docs.

Here's what I did:

class MyCustomJob < Struct.new(:param1, :param2)
  def perform
    # do something
  # attempts and time params are required by delayed_job
  def reschedule_at(time, attempts)

  def max_attempts

Then run it wherever you need to by using enqueue, like this:

Delayed::Job.enqueue( MyCustomJob.new( param1, param2 ) )

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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