I'm following along with Ryan Bates' carrierwave Railscast http://railscasts.com/episodes/253-carrierwave-file-uploads. At one point, after resizing the images into a thumbnail, he displays the thumbnail with the following code

  <%=  image_tag painting.image_url(:thumb).to_s %>

I'm calling the url method on the profilepic instance variable and trying to get the thumbnail like this

 <%=  image_tag @profilepic.url(:thumb).to_s %>

But I get the error

wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)

It's not expecting the :thumb parameter.

In the image_uploader, I arranged for the thumbnail to be created like this (after installing rmagick)

 version :thumb do
    process :resize_to_limit => [50, 50]

Can anyone explain what I might be doing wrong? I found an SO question on topic Rails: image_tag issue, which explains that the parameter (in this case :thumb) needs to be passed to the url method on the object (and not the object itself). That's what I'm doing, but I'm getting the error.


First, the code from Ryan have a typo

<%=  image_tag painting.image_url(:thumb).to_s %>

the correct one is

<%=  image_tag painting.image.url(:thumb).to_s %>

This already posted in the comment of that esp.

For your code, the @profilepic is a obj from model or from carrierwave

e.g. @profilepic = ProfilePic.find :first @profilepic.url is just a method from ProfilePic

The correct syntax for call the url of carrierwave control file is @profilepic.image.url(:thumb)

Hope this not too confusing.

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