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So I have a cloned repo on the production server. I accidentally removed a file from the production server and I thought doing a "git pull" would restore that file, i.e. copy the last version of the repo. Now I see that is doesn't, so I wonder how do I get this single file back in its proper place?

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git checkout <file-name>

Check out this git ready page for more details

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Use git status. This will show you pretty much everything you can do with your changed/new/deleted files.

In case you deleted a file it will tell you how exactly you can use git checkout to restore it.

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Oh, that easy huh?!

git checkout [path/to/file]


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You can use git reset --hard to undo all the changes done. First, it's always worth noting that git reset --hard is a potentially dangerous command, since it throws away all your uncommitted changes. For safety, you should always check that the output of git status is clean (i.e. empty) before using it.

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