I just began iOS development, and find it relatively hard to comprehend. I have browsed through a lot of tutorials, and the Apple documentation too, but what i really need is tutorials that help- in understanding the basics before tackling actual problems. Any references anybody could point out would be highly appreciated. YouTube videos are also welcome. Thanks


Tack a look at video tutorial of Lynda. Its good to take a look at that video and than start developing app in iPhone.

For good tutorial my favorite sites are Raywenderlich, EDUMobile, mobileTutPlus, Technotopia.

And for sample code i suggest GITHub, Cocoacontrols, Code4app.

And this is really helpful books, Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition), Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK,


Apple documentation is enough to know and learn. And also goto lynda.com and software-> Apple there you can find good Essential Training videos. All the best.


Buy a book. Seriously. I like the ones from the Big Nerd Ranch.

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