Is there a way to create an End Point for a Azure virtual machine to monitor memory usage?

We are looking to view memory usage for each 24 hour period?

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There's not really an endpoint to create (endpoints in Azure are ports; I guess you could create an Input Endpoint which is public-facing, and place a service there that you can call externally). But... there are several options for adding monitoring:

With Virtual Machines, you'd install an agent on your VMs.

Each of these is available in the Azure Store: enter image description here

You'll find that each is focused on different aspects. MetricsHub is likely best for your case, looking at all of your Azure-specific resources. NewRelic adds in app-level details, and AppDynamics focuses on app-level details (specifically Java and .net apps, where it can inspect the runtime).

  • Thank you for your help with this, fantastic! – Derek Apr 26 '13 at 13:24

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