I am executing shell scripts on windows command prompt by making bash as the default application to open .sh files. I am able to run any script without input parameters , but for those scripts with input parameters I get the error "Unable to initialize device PRN". I can see that the parameters are not being passed to the script. How can I pass an argument to the shell script from windows command line?

This is what I am doing in the command prompt.

X:> OracleSPExec.sh Procedure Database

it seems that the shell script uses print command/builtin, which may conflict with windows print.exe which prints file to PRN: device.

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Two possible issues:

  1. Missing shebang #!

You must add this line at the beginning of your script:

  1. Unicode BOM at the beginning of the file

Sometime if the file is written in UTF-8 with BOM the shebang cannot be interpreted. Remove the heading (hidden?) characters in front of your shebang.

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I'm running into this problem, trying to run some locally-invented tagging scripts that used to work but I have a new laptop and it's running Windows 10. The bash in the version of cygwin that I installed doesn't seem to have print as a built-in command (it does have printenv and printf as external commands) and there is no print command other than the one in System32:

$ type print
print is hashed (/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/print)

$ type echo
echo is a shell builtin

As a work-around, I added this line near the top of each script:

alias print=echo

And that eliminated the "Unable to initialize device PRN" problem. It would still be nice to know why this worked at one point.

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