I was wondering if it is possible to get the existing tables from a websql database. Is there some sort of query to find these?

I have already found several sqlite examples but these don't work in websql.

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Link seems to be dead from Kyaw Tun's answer - this worked for me, just wanted to share unless anyone else is looking for this.

SELECT tbl_name, sql from sqlite_master WHERE type = 'table'

It will show the original sql used to generate the table - not perfect but should be good enough.


You can query existing table schema from sqlite_master table.

For implementation, you can see detail on my open source library https://bitbucket.org/ytkyaw/ydn-db/src/master/js/ydn/db/conn/websql.js

Basically you can get your schema by

var db = new ydn.db.Storage('db name');
db.getSchema(function (schema) {

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