I'd like to be able to take an existing HTML snippet and convert it to markdown. I've tried pandoc for this purpose:

pandoc test.html -o test.md

where test.html looked like this:


<!-- more -->

and some more text

<h2>some heading</h2>       

The result was this:

Hello and some more text

some heading

Thus, it not only converts tags that have a direct meaning in markdown. It also removes tags that I would like to retain as HTML (e.g., HTML comments, iframe tags, and so on).

  • How can I convert HTML to markdown in a way that any tags that don't have an equivalent in markdown are retained as raw HTML?
  • More generally how can I have control over how the HTML to markdown conversion is done?

In particular, I'd be interested in command-line program options. For example, perhaps there are options that can be supplied to pandoc.

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    interesting, I have the exact reverse problem. It keeps the divs while I haven't asked for it – Sebas Mar 10 '17 at 11:34

After a bit more searching, I read about the --parse-raw option in a thread on table parsing.

Adding the --parse-raw option seemed to not strip the non-markdown equivalent HTML tags.

pandoc test.html -o test.md --parse-raw
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    --parse-raw/-R has been removed. Use +raw_html or +raw_tex extension. – Zhuoer Dong Sep 3 '18 at 8:47
  • @ZhuoerDong 2013, when the comment was written it was still pandoc 1.x but with pandoc 2.x you have to use the +raw_html or +raw_tex extension as suggested – Wurstsalat Jul 26 at 16:29

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