I'm trying to root it although after i install the correct ADB drivers, when I plug in my Kindle fire HD 7",

Kindle Fire -> Android Composite ADB Interface.

does not show up in device manager, hence I cannot preform the root.

I have added 0x1949 to the adb_usb.ini.

I have tried removing all drivers including the phatom ones restarting then reinstalling.

I have turn ADB in setting to on in the kindle.


I've found for some devices that don't play nice the Universal driver from Koush does get them working - http://www.droid-life.com/2013/04/08/koush-releases-universal-adb-driver-for-windows/ but for the Kindle I've always had the KindleDrivers.exe from https://developer.amazon.com/sdk/fire/connect-adb.html do the trick

  • Getting the driver direct from Amazon made it work flawlessly. Thanks! – Kevin Peno Jul 3 '13 at 16:28

This page...


...has instructions on how to get the driver (download the Amazon SDK) and install the driver as well as how to enable ADB on a Kindle Fire.

The page referenced above also has instructions on how to fix previous installation attempts that didn't work as you have described. This involves:

  1. Deleting the default Portable Device driver on the PC
  2. Installing the Kindle driver from the Amazon SDK
  3. Updating the adb_usb.ini file (which can be done manually, or by installing the SDK)
  4. Enabling ADB on the device
  5. Plugging the device back in again

I just did a follow up post with additional info on our official Amazon Developer Blog here:


Hope that helps!

Thanks, Dave

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