I would like to split a string like this in Access 2000 (Visual Basic function):



in two parts:

  • the results part
  • the comments part

As you can notice, these two parts are separated by an empty line (always, this is our separator).

[Results] and [Comments] are blocks of text. We don't care what's in it except:

the results part doesn't have any empty lines in it, so the first empty line we see is the separator one.

I want my function to extract the Comments part only.

Here is what i tried:

Public Function ExtractComm(txt As String) As String

Dim emptyLine As Integer

txt = Trim(txt)

'emptyLine = first empty line index ??
emptyLine = InStrRev(txt, (Chr(13) + Chr(10)) & (Chr(13) + Chr(10)))

'Comments part = all that is after the empty line ??
ExtractComm = Mid(txt, emptyLine + 4)

End Function

But it doesn't work well. If I do:




I want to obtain:



but I only obtain Comment2. Any idea to extract the comment part ?

Thanks a lot !


Maybe you need to use InStr instead of InStrRev


Returns the position of the first occurrence of one string within another, starting from the right side of the string.

InStr Returns an integer specifying the start position of the first occurrence of one string within another.


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