I am trying to run a batch file on Windows 2008 R2 as follows: Setup.bat 80,http,"Database=LbCore;Server=(localhost);Trusted_connection=yes","TestProduct","localhost"

I am printing the parameters in the batch file as follows:

ECHO *** Port=%~1,
ECHO *** Protocol=%~2,
ECHO *** Connection String=%~3, 
ECHO *** Service Name=%~4, 
ECHO *** Host Name=%~5

I am expecting the output as:

*** Port=80, 
*** Protocol=http, 
*** Connection String=Database=LbCore;Server=(localhost);Trusted_connection=yes, 
*** Service Name=TestProduct, 
*** Host Name=localhost

This is working fine on my machine. But surprisingly when I try to run it on some other Window 2008 R2 machine, it is printing:

*** Port=80, 
*** Protocol=http, 
*** Connection String=Database, 
*** Service Name=LbCore, 
*** Host Name=Server

It seems like on other machine, = and ; are treated as parameter delimiters.

Is there better approach to pass parameters with special characters as in above scenario?

  • ,; = and <tab> are default delimiters in all Windows versions. – Endoro Apr 29 '13 at 9:52

Double quote the terms with special characters, or double quote them all.

call batch "80" "http" "Database=LbCore;Server=(localhost);Trusted_connection=yes" "etc"

EDIT: I note that you seem to be doing so but if it doesn't work on another machine then check the batch file and launcher on that machine.

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