I am trying to reduce a large network to only the top 5% of its edges, determined by edge weight.

I usually trim my networks by declaring a cut-off point for edge weight like so:

g2 <- delete.edges(g1, E(g1) [weight<20])

Is there a way to delete the lower 95% of the edges according to weight, something like:

g2 <- delete.edges(g1, E(g1) [weight outside the top 5%])

Or to extract the top 5% otherwise?

  • You can use quantile() to calculate the 5% quantile (the value that divides into 5% and 95%) and then use it as cut-off point.
    – Rcoster
    Apr 29, 2013 at 19:40

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There was no example posted and only minimal code offered, and I am worried that just supplying a "weight" may hide the use of attach. Perhaps:

g2 <- delete.edges(g1, E(g1) [ weight < quantile(weight, 0.95) ])

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