I racked my brain to figure this issue out, but got no luck! So my SO guys, help me!

We created a page in our site five days ago, and every thing was done as usual.(means we used template to create the page.) The trouble is, so farm I have not find my page in any of the search engines, even though Google and Bing crawled my site(namely the Home page, which has the new page URL listed).

Below are the steps I took so far.

1. I submitted RUL of the page to several major search engines two days ago, so far no help.

2. I checked all the code, have not found any error, no crawl or index robot.txt neither.

3. I checked Google web master tool yesterday and fond Google tried to crawled the page over 40 times, but it always gets 404 error. Then I checked all the URLs which Google accessed to the page, all of them is valid and accessible.

So, what is the real problem, or possible issue? how can I fix it?

Plus: Usually, Google index a new page of our web site in two days.

  • Can you post the URL so we can check? – DisgruntledGoat Oct 27 '09 at 11:53

Google can take a while to index new pages, especially if the site is not popular or important in Google's eyes. So give it at least a month to be sure.

Some things to check:

  • The page is not blocked by robots.txt or a noindex meta tag. Sorry, you said you already checked this...
  • You have at least one link to the page. It must be a straightforward link with <a href... and not Javascript/Flash.
  • Your server is not blocking any IPs. Perhaps Google visited too often and it got put on a blocklist?

To speed up crawling try these:

  • Get more links to both the new page and your home page. If Google thinks the site is more important, you will be crawled more quickly.
  • Update the site regularly (e.g. news on the home page).
  • Sign up at Google Webmaster Tools and submit an XML sitemap with all your pages.
  • Also in GWT there is an option to increase crawl speed. This is intended for large sites or when you've added a lot of new pages, so it may not make a difference.

Open that new url in your browser, and then check the url in your homepage. Then check if you are not using any URL referrer to avoid out of the site access. Check membership issues too.

  • Thanks for you quick reply. I check URL as you suggested, everything is OK. And our web site is static, no membership related at all. – skyflyer Oct 27 '09 at 7:35

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