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I am having trouble launch the website after I upload my web2py folder on the host. If it is locally, I just clicked on the web2py exe file and choose local and I can deploy my local website. But how do I do the same thing on the host? After I upload all the files on the host, I SSH to my website and run the web2py from terminal. And it is running in the terminal. But I can't access the webpage from browser

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I don't think it's very common to run web2py on GoDaddy. Check out the deployment chapter, and then try to get some help from GoDaddy regarding how to set up a Python WSGI app. Another shared hosting service that works well with web2py is Webfaction. –  Anthony Apr 30 '13 at 3:29

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You would be unable to install web2py in the Shared Hosting environment within GoDaddy, you would be able to install it on their servers though. According to their site you need to install web2py behind Apache. If you have purchased a server, then Web2py Installation instructions

Will work, however you will need to install some mods manually as they are not installed by default such as mod_python and a few others.

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