We have the following URL: URL: https://dev-01:8555/svn/Shop

We have the following structure in SubVersion


The problem is, when I do a build, under the buildagent directory, I get every single tag in the repository copied over to the buildagent.

Is there a way to only retrieve the HEAD revision to effect the build on.

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Change: Administration -> {Project Name} -> {Build Configuration Name} Configuration -> Configuration Steps -> Version Control Settings -> edit checkout rules

Add these lines:


Checkout Rules Documentations


Assuming you want the trunk then the VCS path in TeamCity should be:


As an aside - one would generally expect the path in TeamCity to be the same as the path you use to checkout your working copy unless you're working on a branch.

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    Thanks Murph. I actually need the level above as our build has two VCS roots. I removed the tags and branches by adding -:tags & -:branches in the checkout rules. Now I don;t end up with everything under Shop being copied to the buildagent. Oct 28, 2009 at 8:53

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