Am I correct in thinking, a dist directory and a build directory are both production directories that contain the files that need to be deployed to the web server.

Which to use?

A dist directory could have both files that are used during development (.php, etc), and files that are generated from a build script (.min.js, etc).

A build directory, however is entirely made up of files from a build script, and no development should take place within the build directory.

So, are these assumptions correct? Also, I realize that if you are using a framework, you'd use their conventions. I am just wondering, what these naming conventions are generally, if you were to create say a php project from scratch.

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In a generic sense - a dist dir is for distribution. It is prod ready and can be distributed to other users who want to try it for beta testing, production use, whatever. A build dir is when you have ran you pre-deployment script manually or automatically and created a resource that can now be deployed (usually not distributed) into one or multiple production servers. This could contain sometimes just a tarball which can then be un-tarred and installed on the server.

Annoying naming practices..varies from people to people and organization to organization and technology to technology

  • OK, so pretty much what I thought. Thanks for taking the time. – Mike McLin May 16 '13 at 17:44

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