# spawn-fcgi -s /var/run/munin-fastcgi-html.sock -U nginx -u munin -g munin munin-fastcgi-html
spawn-fcgi: child exited with: 13    

The .sock is created, but filesize is 0 bytes. What does code 13 stand for?


Thanks to twitter.com/ngourlay I was pointed to a list of system error codes which Linux uses. It could be useful for future reference: http://www.virtsync.com/c-error-codes-include-errno.

It is not exhaustive, but tallies in part and is a good starting point. If you're running a Linux system, look around in /usr/include for errno.h.

An excerpt:

#define EPERM        1  /* Operation not permitted */
#define ENOENT       2  /* No such file or directory */
#define ESRCH        3  /* No such process */
#define EINTR        4  /* Interrupted system call */
#define EIO          5  /* I/O error */
#define ENXIO        6  /* No such device or address */
#define E2BIG        7  /* Argument list too long */
#define ENOEXEC      8  /* Exec format error */
#define EBADF        9  /* Bad file number */
#define ECHILD      10  /* No child processes */
#define EAGAIN      11  /* Try again */
#define ENOMEM      12  /* Out of memory */
#define EACCES      13  /* Permission denied */

exit code 13 is permission denied. Try run this command with -n parameter and look at /var/log/nginx/error.log

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