The bash read command is very convenient for:

  • read -p to prompt the user and capture input from the user
  • while read loop to iterate through the lines of a file.

However, I'm having issues attempting to do both simultaneously.

For example:


while read item

    echo Item: $item

    read -p "choose wisely: " choice

    echo You still have made a $choice.

done < /tmp/item.list 

Rather than blocking and standing by for the user to enter a choice, bash is populating $choice with the next item in the item.list file.

Does bash support doing a read nested within a read loop?


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The simplest fix is to have the outer read read from a different file descriptor instead of standard input. In Bash, the -u option make that a little easier.

while read -u 3 item
  # other stuff
  read -p "choose wisely: " choice
  # other stuff
done 3< /tmp/item.list
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    Just changing read -p "choose wisely: " choice to read -p "choose wisely: " choice < /dev/tty should also work.
    – dvlcube
    Jul 31, 2019 at 18:39

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