I have tried to use importScripts to load a second JavaScript file into my web worker, but although no error occurred, it didn't work. I narrowed the problem down to this very simple situation:

In the main HTML file:

var w = new Worker("script1.js");
w.addEventListener("message", function(e){

In script1.js:

self.addEventListener("message", function(e){
    var a = 5;

In script2.js:

a = 6

I would like to see a dialog displaying 6, because a was changed from 5 to 6 by importing script2.js, but the dialog shows 5. What am I missing here?

  • Could the line after importScripts("script2".js"); -->self.postMessage(a); no longer be referring to the right self because you imported that? – Four_lo Apr 30 '13 at 23:21

Using var a in the function means that a will always be private. Since importScripts adds to the global scope, JS prefers to access the more localized a in the function that posts a. You can post self.a instead, which shall be 6, as you expected.

EDIT: Someone recently asked me about this in person, so I made a demo to clarify the behaviour: http://pagedemos.com/importscript/

  • pagedemos.com return a warning from Google Safe Browsing. Can you move it to something like jsfiddle? – Pablo Bianchi Dec 17 '20 at 4:29

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