In IIS 7 I try to deny access to all files with the extension .xml for all users.

I tried the following setting in my web.config file:

<location path="*.xml">
        <deny users="*"/>

But then getting any file results in an internal server error.

It works if I deny access to the individual files but this solution does not buy me much as I do not know all .xml files in advance.


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Try this:

            <add path="*.xml" verb="*" 
             type="System.Web.HttpNotFoundHandler" />

By the way you could alternatively store all of your xml files within the App_Data directory. Storing files of any type in this directory will not be served to the web.


Another way is to use a request filter:

        <add fileExtension=".xml" allowed="false" />

I have stumbled across this when searching for a way to change the security applied to all actions within a controller in a legacy application (ASP.NET MVC). I thought I need some sort of wildcard, but simply providing the path including the controller segment is enough:

This allows anonymous access to all actions within FooController.

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